The Female Face of the Far Right

Spenden gegen Rechtsextremismus


The Female Face of the Far Right – Country perspectives and progressive counter-strategies



Im Rahmen des World Forum for Democracy on “Is Populism a Problem?”  sprechen Simone Rafael und Rachel Spicker über in rechten Bewegungen organisierte Frauen und welche Implikationen dies für Gegenstrategien hat.

Populism has been gaining ground in Europe. For a long time women seemed to be hardly inclined to support right-wing parties, neither as politically active members, nor as voters. In recent years however, women are much more present in the leadership of right-wing parties and they more frequently vote for them,and this although the parties are promoting a  very traditional, anti-progressive female role model in combination with (ultra-) conservative family policies and the curtailing of individual rights, sometimes even aiming at limiting female reproductive rights.

The question thus is: Why are women increasingly attracted by these parties and what can progressive parties learn from this development? The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung brings together a cross-section of representatives from parties, civil society organisations and academic experts from several European countries to discuss this question with participants during a Knowledge Café.



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