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Appeal for Donations: Victims of Racist Arson Attacks Need Your Help!

It usually begins with insults and swastikas smeared onto walls. And it usually ends with fire. Arson attacks on snack bars run by people of Turkish or Asian extraction have become increasingly frequent, attacks that threaten their financial existence and even their lives. The attackers, in the cases when they are identified, are Neo-Nazi youngsters and young adults who can’t pay for the damage they cause.

In Stendal, for instance, in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, the windows of Mr N.’s Asians snack bar were spat on every day. Racists also smeared a clothing shop in the vicinity to the snack bar, run by Mr T, and insulted his customers. In the eve of May 1st, 2007, unknown attackers smashed Mr T’s shop window and set the store on fire. The store, as well as the businesses next to it, burnt down to the ground. Luckily, no one was injured. For Mr N. it became too dangerous to stay open until 10 PM, He has had to close his store at 6 PM for a few months now. In each case, the damages amount to between 35,000 and 40,000 Euros, amounts that are simply not available to Mr N. and Mr T. This kind of experience is not new for Mr T.: he was in Rostock-Lichtenhagen in 1992 and witnessed the racist mob that laid siege and set fire to the apartment house next to his.

In Senftenberg, in the state of Brandenburg, in the night of May 8th, 2007, for another example, five Nazis forced open the siding of Mr C.’s snack-bar truck and set the truck on fire. His business was destroyed completely; the damage amounts to 14,000 Euros. Mr C. still needs to pay back the loan he had taken for his business, but without the snack bar he has no income.

Shocking as they are, these are just but a few examples. Just in Brandenburg six such arson attacks were officially recorded for 2007. Unfortunately, there is no fire insurance for snack-bar trucks. The victims end up carrying the costs of the attacks.

The attackers have a dangerous goal: to terrorize and expel immigrants.

The CURA Victims Support Fund has been helping victims of racist violence like Mr Thanh from Eberswalde quickly and simply since 1992. Nazis burned down his Asian snack bar in September 2007. In February 2008 Mr Thanh was able to reopen with the expedient help and high level of donation provided through the CURA Fund. Victims of racist arson attacks need quick, uncomplicated help, since many of them feel helpless and left to fend on their own. In order to make such help possible, the Amadeu Antonio Foundation is creating a Fund for small businesses.

Please donate to the account of the CURA Victims Support Fund

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Deutsche Bank Bensheim
Account: 030 331 331
BLZ: 509 700 04

For more information visit the homepage of the CURA Victims Support Fund.

The Amadeu Antonio Foundation is committed to serious and transparent standards for donations. An independent Council as well as the Financial Control Society H.-F. Breiler & H.-J. Schnabl OHG review the Foundation’s use of donations. The Foundation does not pay any rewards, fees, or remuneration for the acquisition of donations. If you have any questions about our use of donations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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