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Support Criteria

The Amadeu Antonio Foundation supports initiatives and projects engaged with right-wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism. We primarily support projects in areas where governmental support is lacking. The Foundation is particularly interested in supporting initiatives and projects that would not otherwise get a chance of funding.


The Amadeu Antonio Stiftung advises supported initiatives and shares the experience of its team. Team members help projects establish contact with the media and work to bring them to
wider public attention. The foundation broadly conceives of itself as a development partner, accompanying and counseling our partners over the long term. As our long-term goal is the establishment and strengthening of democratic and civil-societal structures, we prize partnerships with communal organizations, politicians and private philanthropy, as well as private-sector enterprises.


What does the Amadeu Antonio Stiftung support?


The Foundation supports projects and initiatives which:

  • Fight against right-wing extremism and populism and for human and minority rights
  • Confront the societal causes and effects of anti-Semitism, racism or antiziganism
  • Construct a democratic alternative culture to mainstream right-wing prejudice
  • Focus on the long-term, not the short term
  • Seek partnerships in their communities, whether it be with local schools, businesses, government bodies, or parishes
  • Engage multiple parts of society (sports, education, business, religion, etc.) and a wide range of age groups.
  • Make possible intercultural exchange and partnerships.


Advice to applicants:
To receive a chance at funding, several of these criteria should be fulfilled, not just one.


Examples of possible projects:

  • Alternatives to right-wing mainstream culture for young people: clubs, activities, sport, etc.
  • Local projects and workshops “immunizing” against anti-Semitism
  • Projects in cooperation with schools emphasizing intercultural learning
  • Self-defense training for potential victims of right-wing violence; intervention training for bystanders


Who can apply for funding from the Amadeu Antonio Foundation?
List is not exhaustive.


  • Clubs (Vereine)
  • Networks against right-wing extremism
  • Youth groups
  • Church groups
  • Schools — students or teachers
  • Community or neighborhood organizations


What does the Foundation fund?
List is not exhaustive.

  • Co-financing of personnel costs or fees
  • Travel costs inside Germany
  • Physical materials


What does the Foundation not fund?
List is not exhaustive.

  • International conferences or travel costs
  • Stipends
  • Memorial trips/tours/visits
  • “End products”: films, books, albums, etc., except when the process of creation (i.e. together with a school group) is the main goal of the project.

Mitmachen stärkt Demokratie

Engagieren Sie sich mit einer Spende oder Zustiftung!

Neben einer Menge Mut und langem Atem brauchen die Aktiven eine verlässliche Finanzierung ihrer Projekte. Mit Ihrer Spende unterstützen Sie die Arbeit der Stiftung für Demokratie und Gleichwertigkeit.