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Support Philosophy

The Foundation funds and supports projects with a distinct goal in mind: we support, encourage and fund initiatives which support a democratic civil culture and confront right-wing extremism, racism, and anti-Semitism.


We have a particular interest in supporting smaller projects which might not otherwise receive financial support. We believe that it is at this level that truly creative and effective ideas have a chance to arise. What’s more, these projects usually bring together citizens from many different walks of life in a way larger, more traditional nonprofit initiatives do not.


Besides providing financial support, the Foundation considers its advisory work with partner organizations to be a key part of its mission. Our team members visit our partners on-site to determine a course of action and decide how the Foundation can best help. That could mean that the AAF helps bring the project to the attention of local media or that we help network the initiative with other similar groups.


Of particular interest to us are the following:

  • Successful examples of democratic youth work
  • Music as a means of strengthening anti-racist culture
  • Work with those affected by right-wing extremist violence
  • Local, regional, or nation-wide networking projects
  • Research into internet phenomena—alt-right and other digital-age expressions of reactionary politics