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The Amadeu Antonio Foundation is a response to the neo-Nazi subculture that permeates former East Germany and has crept into former West. Whether from Nazi fatigue, willfull ignorance or non-chalant ambivalence, the issue doesn't receive the public attention it deserves. Incidences of insults, threats and attacks -- some of which result in death -- often go un- or underreported by German media. The Foundation is determined to keep the spotlight on neo-Nazi and right-wing activity while taking concrete and proactive steps to eliminate the real and ongoing threat they pose to German democracy and pluralism, especially on the local level.

The Foundation's focus:

  • Anti-Semitism
  • Neo-Nazism and right-wing extremism
  • Hate crimes against minorities and immigrants
  • Online hate speech
  • Nazi-period and Holocaust remembrance
  • Women and the far right

Here are some of the Foundation's major and current undertakings (in German unless otherwise noted):

  • ''Germany after 1945'' (English): A traveling exhibition currently in New York. Stay tuned for more info about where it will be next!
  • Fußball Gegen Nazis: Information and networking portal acting as an umbrella for the various organizations in Germany acting against racism in professional soccer
  • No-Nazi.net: Social network platform serving as a resource for youths, parents and educators
  • Ju:An: Supports grassroots youth projects against anti-Semitism and discrimination
  • Gender issues in relation to the neo-Nazi movement, with generous support from Open Society Foundations
  • Democracy Prize in Saxony: Annual award to person, people or organization working to support democratic civil society in the German state of Saxony
  • Mut Gegen Nazis: A major undertaking for the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, in collaboration with Stern, one of Germany's largest weekly news magazines
  • CURA: Fast and direct assistance for victims of rightwing violence

Every donation counts!

Even small contributions make a big difference in the fight against right-wing terror. Neo-Nazis have the most power on the local level, which means small, targeted projects are an important part of our work.

►Make a donation now! Or make out a U.S. tax-deductible check to FJC: A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds, with ''Amadeu Antonio Stiftung'' in the memo line.



Amadeu Antonio Stiftung
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Tel.:  ++49 (0)30. 240 886 10
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U.S. tax-deductible donations

Checks can be made payable to FJC
with Amadeu Antonio Stiftung
in the memo line

Other donations:

Amadeu Antonio Stiftung
GLS Bank Bochum
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Account No. 6005 0000 00
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