Germany hate crimes report May/June 2014

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Germany hate crimes report May/June 2014


Simone Rafael, managing editor of netz-gegen-nazis, composed a hate crimes report reviewing far-right activity in Germany during may and june 2014. Some of her findings include:

  • 03.05.2014, Halle-Saale: a 20-year old man form Guinea is attacked by three offenders with a knife and a shard of glass – and he is asked, what he is doing in Germany.
  • 17.05.2014, Regensburg: A young woman was insulted at a fair by a racist woman because of her Asian appearance. Afterwards the offender broke her leg with a kick.
  • 24.05.2014, Siegen: 30 Neonazis wanted to visit a Nazi-Rock concert in Scheinfeld, but it was cancelled. Frustrated they ran through the city center of Siegen and beat up a student coming their way.
  • 27.05.2014, Berlin-Friedrichshain: Right-wing extremists broke into a restaurant in Koppenstraße and devastated it, for example with racist and Neonazi Graffiti. After a short period of empathy, the police began again to investigate against the victim, not against Neonazis perpetrators.
  • 01.06.2014, Berlin-Kreuzberg: On a Sunday morning a group of five Neonazis attack a 30-year-old man in the middle of alternative Berlin-Kreuzberg. The victim was knocked down by a punch, afterwards the five offenders went on beating the lying victim.
  • 12.06.2014, Frankfurt: Because a lawyer showed a flag of Israel in her window, strangers wrote on the window a swastika and “Jews out”.
  • 21.06.2014, Berlin-Friedrichshain: A 44-year-old woman from Gabun is attacked while jogging in Volkspark Friedrichshain. She was insulted racially and several times hit in the face.
  • 28.06.2014, Brandenburg (Stadt): At a public viewing event during the FIFA-Worldchampionship a 26-year-old man is attacked by three Neonazis because he asked them not to cry out national-socialist paroles.

The report also looks at right-wing action on the larger and political levels, and government response. Particular focus is given to the EU Parliament elections, which took place in May, and local elections happening around Germany throughout the year.

Click below to read the full report and its conclusions.



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