Positive Results of the CURA Victims' Support Fund

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Positive Results of the CURA Victims' Support Fund

The CURA Victims' Support Fund helped the Thanh family after their snack bar was destroyed by neo-Nazis. The photo shows a visit by the mayor of Eberswalde, Friedhelm Boginski, to the newly reopened snack bar.


In 2007, twelve victims of racist violence received aid from the CURA Victims' Support Fund. 

The CURA Victims' Support Fund provides straightforward and long-term support for victims of racist violence. Since 2004 CURA has assisted an average of 8 to 12 victims of neo-Nazi violence a year; most of them receiving 400 Euros. The majority of applications for help come from the States of Saxony, Brandenburg and Berlin, but requests also arrive from the regions of the former West Germany. All in all, donations usually cover the need for support.

In 2007 a total of 7,381.40 Euros was donated to 12 victims and victim groups. Appeals were also made for direct donations to many families and persons who had become victims of hate crimes. For example: the family circus “Barni” was demolished in an attack in Triebeln, Saxony, and would have been unable to rebuild its tent without help; a Tunisian family in Borna; Saxony, needed help relocating after experiencing a violent attack; and the Jewish kindergarten “Gan Israel” in Berlin required help to replace furniture and toys damaged in a neo-Nazi attack. In all cases, fund-raising campaigns helped people who were in dire need. The fund depends on your donations!

In 2007 most of the money for the CURA fund came from private donations. An additional 3,505 Euros were collected through the DJ-initiative “No historical backspin”, which organized a fundraising party in the Watergate Club in Berlin. A few businesses, such as the Deutsche Post (the German postal services) and the editorial staff of the stern magazine regularly donate smaller amounts of money. In 2006 the fund also received a donation through the campaign “Readers help” organized by a newspaper from Berlin, the Tagesspiegel.

A surprising source of money in 2007 came unexpectedly as the result of Mr. Garmsdorf’s actions against the German neo Nazi party, the NPD. Mr. Garmsdorf, a gardener by profession, was brought to trial and then fined for having disturbed the NPD’s election campaign at a local school. The Regional Centre for Education, Integration, and Democracy (RAA) in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern organized a donation campaign to help Mr. Garmsdorf pay off the fine.The sum collected largely exceeded the amount of the fine and was then generously donated to the CURA fund to support victims of hate crimes.

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