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Application process


Applications for sums up to and including €2,500 are considered by a small committee of AAF team members. The consideration and approval process takes 6-8 weeks after the application is submitted.

Applications for sums over €2,500 are considered by the Foundation’s board of trustees on a biannual basis. The deadlines for these meetings are June 30th and December 30th; you will be notified of a decision approximately 3 months after the deadline.

If submitting a funding application, please include:

  1. A description and justification of the project, specifically containing
    1. A description of the present situation your project hopes to improve (particularly important to us)
    2. The goal of the project/initiative
    3. The target group—as concrete as possible. Schools, community organizations, clubs, etc.
    4. The methods—how do you plan to accomplish your goal
    5. The expected results of the project/initiative
    6. A detailed plan of action, containing both specific steps and a timeline thereof
  2. A detailed reckoning of the costs and financing thereof, making sure that
    1. The described costs contain the full expenditure of the project—leaving nothing out
    2. The finance plan contains all sources of funds, including grants and subsidies which have only been applied for and not awarded. If possible, it should be clear to what end Amadeu Antonio Foundation funds will be used.
    3. The costs and projected financing do not disagree, i.e., no costs remain uncovered.
  3. A legally valid signature.


The applicant must be a legally valid nonprofit. In Germany, this usually takes the form of a Verein. In this case, the Foundation requires a description of the Verein, the bylaws of the Verein, an excerpt of its member rolls and a financial statement from the tax office. Initiatives lacking nonprofit status should seek a suitable sponsor for their funding application.



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U.S. tax-deductible donations

Checks can be made payable to FJC
with Amadeu Antonio Stiftung
in the memo line

Other donations:

Amadeu Antonio Stiftung
GLS Bank Bochum
Sort Code 430 609 67
Account No. 6005 0000 00
IBAN: DE32 4306 0967 6005 0000 00


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