Selection of Supported Projects

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Selection of Supported Projects

The Amadeu Antonio Foundation has dispensed more than €2 million to 800+ projects, initiatives and events across Germany. Below are included a selection of particularly interesting projects and organizations we have supported in the last two years.




Gender Queer e.V.: Workshop and event series, „Challenging the Neocolonial: Queer and Diasporic Forms of Unlearning”

Gender Queer is dedicated to re-envisioning and rebuking (post-)colonial power dynamics and racism. The organization serves Berlin’s queer and POC population through workshops, publications and various events. It further aims to support those interested in antiracist work by offering collective exposure to new or alternative forms of writing, speaking and perception. Together, learning (as a collective process) and unlearning (of internalized racism, transphobia, colonialist ways of thinking, etc.) undergird exchange, connection, and power. The Amadeu Antonio Foundation provided a grant of €2,500 to help put on the event series.


Show Racism the Red Card e.V.: “HoGeSa, PEGIDA…and No End in Sight”

The organization “Show Racism the Red Card” held a symposium for 45 young adults from the 15th to the 17th of May 2015. The topic at hand was the analysis of the hate groups HoGeSa (Hooligans Against Salafists) and PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West): the circumstances of their creation, their sociopolitical dimensions, and possible strategies to combat their influence. Attendees were primarily students and supporters of political education. Pavel Brunssen (transparent magazine), Laura Piotrowski (AAF/Football against Nazis) and Robert Claus (KoFaS) were invited to lead the symposium. The Amadeu Antonio Foundation provided a grant of €1,000 to help host the event.


TickTick-Boom: „Deutschrap to Germans“

TickTickBoom is a collective of more than 20 singers, rappers, DJs, producers, event organizers and graphic artists dedicated to creating and celebrating leftist hip-hop. As part of their wider focus on German rap, TickTickBoom released a booklet critically examining the mid-2000s development of German “patriotic rap” as well as “NS-rap”—neo-Nazi rap. What similarities do patriotic and neo-Nazi rap share, and how are they different? How are rap and hip-hop enlisted to further the agenda of nationalism? What strategies are best suited to combating nationalism and neo-Nazism in rap? All these questions and more are addressed in TickTickBoom’s booklet, which offers a fascinating and comprehensive survey of the patriotic and neo-Nazi hip-hop scenes. The Amadeu Antonio Foundation provided a grant of €1,309 towards printing and distributing the booklet.


Gallery of Contemporary Art, Leipzig: “Living Library”

The concept of the “living library” offers a framework for intercultural exchange between refugees and local populations in Leipzig. The scope of the project is nothing less than the sum of its participants’ experiences and qualities. Participants offer themselves up as “living books” to be borrowed by other participants. They are then “read”: they have the opportunity to share their life stories and experiences with those from totally different backgrounds, and a mixture of stories from those with and without refugee backgrounds. The Amadeu Antonio Foundation provided €2,000 to support the event and arrange a multi-week exhibit documenting the project in Leipzig’s Gallery of Contemporary Art.




FC Babelsberg 03 e.V.: „The Ball is Colorful 2016“

Fans of FC Babelsberg 03 have put on the anti-racist festival “Der Ball ist Bunt”—“The Ball is Colorful”—annually since 2001. A football tournament is, of course, in order, but numerous political presentations, panels and discussion circles are held alongside the tournament. A number of other socio-politically active organizations also make an appearance through various stands and booths. The Amadeu Antonio Foundation provided €2,000 towards the event.


Workshop of Cultures: Fadfadah-Workshop

The Workshop of Cultures, in coordination with the Center for Arabic Theater and Interculturality e.V., organized a series of “Fadfadah” workshops for refugee women with Arabic as a native language. Fadfadah is an Arabic word that means, roughly, “to tell something from the heart.” In the workshops, traumatic experiences were reflected and processed through the production of a play. The Amadeu Antonio Foundation provided €2,500 towards the hosting of the workshops.


Label Noir/ISD e.V.: Hedda Gabler. Berlin (Stage Production)

Large segments of German society experience discrimination because of their religion, their heritage, or the color of their skin. They often find themselves effectively locked out of participating in the ongoing cultural conversation: their stories are not told, their perspectives are not represented and their fundamental status as members of German culture is not recognized. Participation in theater is a privilege with tremendous ability to shape our conception of ourselves, our society, and our place therein. Label Noir/ISD put on a production of Henrik Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler. Berlin (1890), using a contemporary German story and a 100% black cast to highlight the discrepancy between the extensively white theater and film industry and the increasingly diverse German population at large. The play featured an ensemble of black actors and actresses who consider themselves German and whose own histories, or those of their parents, feature migration or flight from oppression. The play itself concerns the bourgeois milieu in 19th century Berlin’s final years: its desires and fears in relation to national and cultural allegiances and their natural associations with a discourse around western privilege. The Amadeu Antonio Foundation provided €2,500 to help finance Label Noir/ISD’s production.



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