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Who we are

The Amadeu Antonio Foundation is an independent nonprofit foundation. Its goal is to reinforce a democratic civil society that promotes pluralism and human rights while opposing right-wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism.

Our activities include:

  • Counseling, networking and funding of local democratic initiatives.
  • Our own projects in areas where gaps are apparent in state and civil society activities.
  • Education on anti-democratic developments, work to support victims of far-right violence, and awareness campaigns focusing on successful counter-strategies.

The Amadeu Antonio Foundation

  • Has funded more than 1,800 local initiatives since its creation in 1998.
  • Has built a nationwide network of centers to counsel victims of right-wing violence.
  • Advises initiatives, municipalities and individuals on how they can combat rightwing violence.
  • Financially supports victims of right-wing violence and their families, helping them cope with the attacks’ physical, emotional and psychological aftermath.
  • Organizes public events such as discussions and concerts to raise awareness of the ongoing threat of right-wing violence.
  • Supports initiatives throughout Germany that promote a democratic culture and the protection of minorities.
  • Advises schools, youth facilities and municipalities how they can take preventive action against hate and position themselves in support of inclusion and human rights.
  • Calls attention to historical and present-day forms of anti-Semitism with a nationwide campaign and other projects.
  • Takes a gender-conscious approach to the prevention of right-wing extremism.
  • Promotes the expansion of and provides networking opportunities for a digital civil society that works to counter online hate speech.

Mitmachen stärkt Demokratie

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