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Democratic culture

Democratic culture

Empowerment, youth work and human-rights education

Hostile epithets like “you Jew,” “faggot” or blanket statements like “all Muslims want...” can often be heard in schools and youth work. In the course of their daily lives, teachers routinely meet young people who denigrate others as well as those who experience such discrimination. In this regard, not all youth-work professionals are sufficiently sensitized to racism and anti-Semitism.


The Foundation fills this gap, supporting educators in becoming active against racism, anti-Semitism and other forms of group-focused enmity among young people. In addition to producing recommendations and concepts for youth work, it offers workshops, lectures, training courses and supervisory services. The goals are to establish the principle of equality as a starting point within youth work, to create protected spaces for self-determined action for youth of color and Jewish youth, and create networks that link actors in the field.


Human rights and particularly children's’ rights are an integral part of the Foundation’s work, informing all of its projects as a cross-cutting issue.

Raising Awareness

It’s crucial to draw public attention to local initiatives that are actively engaged in confronting right-wing movements and their ideology, especially when those initiatives lack support in their regions. An article in a national newspaper can make the difference between neglect and support from local politicians and other key players. The Amadeu Antonio Foundation has been able to dramatically improve conditions for initiatives seeking
local mayoral support, for example, simply by calling racism by its name.


Foundation campaigns such as “Engagement statt Hetze” (Engagement, not hate) or “Kein Ort für Neonazis” (No place for neo-Nazis) distribute placards, posters and stickers with which people can flyer their hometowns and regions, providing a visual demonstration of the strength of that area’s resistance to right-wing movements.

No Place for Neo-Nazis

In the Foundation's ‘'Kein Ort für Neonazis’' (No place for neo-Nazis), local NGOs and the youth in the German federal state Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are encouraged to help prevent the re-entry of the NPD (the far-right National Democratic Party) into the state parliament there.


Open events supported by the Amadeu Antonio Foundation inform the public about what is actually behind the NPD's opaque statements, making plain its racist ideology. These festivals, film screenings, theater performances and other events have the double purpose of being anjoyable alternative to neo-Nazi-sponsored events on the local level.

Stand Up Against Right-Wing Violence

© Klaus Knuffmann

Alarmed by attacks against immigrants, the German weekly stern initiated the campaign, “Stand up against right-wing violence” (Mut gegen rechte Gewalt) in August 2000. This became an important platform for the Amadeu Antonio Foundation and its partners. 

The campaign’s goal is to raise the public's awareness of right-wing violence and raise money in support of projects against the extreme right. Stern has made the topic a focus of the magazine, publishing numerous articles about the dangers of right-wing extremism in Germany and successful ways to counter it.

1.63€ million were donated, helped by the support of German rock star, Udo Linderberg, and his group's, “Rock Against Right-Wing Violence”. The money went to more than 140 initiatives as of November 2011, overseen by the Amadeu Antonio Foundation and the stern magazine.

In connection to this effort, the Foundation and stern worked with software giant, SAP, to develop an online media portal called, “Stand Up Against Right-Wing Violence” ( It launched in April 2003.

Mitmachen stärkt Demokratie

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