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Funding criteria, funding priorities, selection procedure

Funding criteria

Who can apply for funding?

Corporations that are recognized as non-profit organizations or corporations under public law can apply for funding from the Amadeu Antonio Foundation. This includes:

  • Registered associations (e.V.)
  • Municipalities and administrations
  • Municipal youth facilities
  • Religious communities
  • Schools
  • Community foundations
  • Commissioners for Integration

What can be applied for?

  • Travel expenses
  • Material resources
  • Fees
  • personnel costs (up to 50% employer’s gross salary)
  • Insurances e.g. event liability insurance

What is not supported?

  • Memorial trips, international encounters or trips abroad
  • Scholarships
  • “Final products” such as films or other publications, unless the process of creating them (e.g., together with young people) is a main component of the project
  • UN simulations
  • Projects which are based and focused outside of Germany


The foundation supports projects and initiatives that are thematically committed to:

  • position themselves clearly against right-wing extremism, right-wing populism and the “new right”
  • stand up for children’s rights
  • seek the confrontation with ideas and ideologies of inequality in the immigration society
  • deal with the social causes and consequences of discrimination
  • oppose racism against black people, people of color, Muslims, Sint:ezza and Rom:nja, people who are read as Asian and refugees
  • work against anti-Semitism from right-wing, Christian, Muslim and left-wing milieus, as well as conspiracy myths and cross-ideological alliances
    • The Amadeu Antonio Foundation does not support initiatives or projects that question Israel’s right to exist, call for a boycott of Israel, and/or actively support or cooperate with the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaign.
  • build a democratic alternative to far-right „land grabbing“
  • stand for a democratic debate culture online and offline
  • strengthen the empowerment of people affected by right-wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism
  • confront anti-feminist ideology
  • deal with local history with respect to National Socialism and the GDR and establish a reference to the present day

Funding priorities

The Amadeu Antonio Foundation promotes, encourages and supports initiatives and projects that advocate for a democratic civil society and actively address the issues of right-wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism. Funding is also provided for projects, particularly in rural areas or where there are gaps in state action. The foundation is particularly interested in supporting initiatives and projects that have little chance of receiving financial support through other means. We are especially interested in supporting projects that…

  • address specific local challenges
  • are designed to bring about change
  • enable and promote discrimination-sensitive encounters and partnerships
  • work in a human rights oriented way
  • build or deepen local and national networks, e.g. with other initiatives, schools, police, local businesses, religious communities
  • connect to different areas of life (e.g. youth work, local politics, sports, culture) and address different age groups (school, transition from school to work, world of work).
  • support self-organizations of people affected by right-wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism.

This can include successful examples of democratic youth work, music as a means of strengthening an alternative counterculture, work with victims of right-wing extremist violence and empowerment of minorities, as well as research and documentation projects.


In addition, the Foundation considers its advisory work with partner organizations to be a key part of its mission. Besides providing financial support, the foundation also helps the initiatives gain public attention. The foundation itself sees itself in a comprehensive sense as a supporter that accompanies the projects and initiatives over a longer period of time. Since the long-term goal is to strengthen democratic, civic structures, the foundation attaches great importance to partnerships with municipal players, initiatives, city administrations and also commercial enterprises.

Selection procedure

Decisions about funding projects applaying for up to 2.500 euros are made on an ongoing basis by the Board of the foundation, taking into account the professional expertise of the Foundation’s colleagues. When submitting an application, a processing time of approximately eight to ten weeks should be taken into account.


The Foundation Council of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation decides twice a year on applications received that request more than 2.500 euros in funding. Application deadlines are 31.01. and 31.07. of each year. Please allow for a processing time of approximately three months. However, the focus of our funding is on supporting small projects. Funding in excess of 2.500 euros is only provided in exceptional cases.

Please note that applications up to 2.500 euros may take approximately 8-10 weeks to process, and applications over 2.500 euros may take up to three months.

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