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Hate Speech

On the path to a democratic digital civil society


The internet is today the most widely used source of information, but is also a key venue for radicalization. In the course of the new migration movements, the Net has displayed its ugly side: Many people spread an unrestrained hate against refugees and their supporters, even using their real names without shame. Right-wing extremists and rightwing populists use the Net strategically and in tech-savvy ways. They spread their hate against minorities and those who think differently with fake news, memes, toxic narratives and social bots. They poison the debate with their invented stories. Hate speech has become the normal tone of conversation on the Net.


The Amadeu Antonio Foundation encourages digital civil courage and a clear stance in favor of democratic values on the Net. It analyzes the most recent digital strategies of the enemies of democracy, offers anti-hate-speech training sessions, and develops educational concepts for digital street work.


The Net cannot be abandoned to the haters. Rather, it must become the place where the democracy of tomorrow is shaped.

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