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Have you been the victim of right-wing violence?

In which situations does CURA provide assistance?

A prejudiced or politically motivated attack can take many different forms: from spontaneous verbal and physical attacks on the street or in the supermarket to targeted attacks on shops, institutions or private homes. CURA provides swift and unbureaucratic financial assistance to help those affected cope with such traumatic events.


How can I receive support from the CURA Victims' Fund?

To apply for support from the CURA Victims' Fund as an individual, please contact a recognised victim advice centre (see below for further information on advice centres) and submit an application together with your counsellor. Please also inform yourself about other offers of support for victims of right-wing violence, e.g. through the Hardship Fund at the Federal Office of Justice or the Legal Aid Foundation of the German Bar Association.
Initiatives and associations that have become the target of right-wing extremist attacks or are active in victim counselling can submit applications for support from the CURA Victims' Fund directly to the Amadeu Antonio Foundation.


Contact an advice centre

The first point of contact for victims of right-wing and other prejudice-motivated attacks are specialist victim advice centres, which provide free, confidential and, if desired, anonymous counselling and support to victims. Whether legal assistance, psychosocial counselling, contact mediation or accompanying you to lawyers’ offices, courts, police or doctors – the services offered by the specialist advice centres are diverse and depend on the individual needs of the counsellor.



Legal and state aid

In addition to state offerings, such as payments from the hardship fund of the Federal Office of Justice, there are organisations that will specialise in supporting you following an attack in terms of legal representation vis-à-vis the perpetrators. You can also obtain further information about the various options from the aforementioned advice centres.

What to do after a right-wing assault?

Attack on a kosher grocery store

A prejudice or politically motivated attack can take many forms. Here you will find some information on how to deal with various threatening situations. The information is aimed at both those affected and their supporters.

Im Fokus von Neonazis” (“Under the Glare of Neo-Nazis”), a brochure from the VBRG - Association of Advice Centres for Victims of Right-wing, Racist and Anti-Semitic Violence

Was tun nach einem rechten Angriff“ (“What to do after a right-wing attack”), a brochure from the Brandenburg Advice Centre, Opferperspektive e.V. (Victims' Perspective Association)

Unterstützung nach einem rassistischen Angriff - Ein Ratgeber für Geflüchtete in einfacher Sprache“ (“Support after a racist attack - A guide for fugitives in simple language”), a brochure from the Association of Advice Centres for Victims of Right-Wing, Racist and Anti-Semitic Violence

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