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Applying for, implementing and completing a project

© Debi Simon
© Debi Simon

Submitting an application

We are pleased that you are interested in submitting an application to us! Please read our funding criteria in advance. The following information are meant to help you with a successful application, project implementation and accounting.


Please use our application form to describe your project.


Instructions for filling out the application

1. Non-profit status and contact information

The initiative submitting the application must have legal capacity and be non-profit. Therefore the foundation needs

  • the statutes / articles of association
  • the excerpt from the association/ foundation/commercial register
  • the current notice of exemption from the tax office
  • the contact information, postal address and account information of the initiative submitting the application


Initiatives that do not have legal capacity should please look for a non-profit organization which can support them.


2. Detailed cost and financing plan:

  • The cost plan lists the total costs of the project as well as the total income.
  • Only expenses that will be billed through the Amadeu Antonio Foundation need to be listed.
  • Expenditures and income must match.


Applications for funding must be signed by a person authorized to represent the project (digital signature) and sent to the foundation by e-mail. Please use the subject line “Application + name of organization”.


contact: Vanessa Reichert and Charlotte Sauerland
phone: +49 30 – 240 886 10, Fax: + 49 30 – 240 886 22


If you want to send us the application documents encrypted, please use our PGP key.

Project implementation

We are very pleased that we can support your project! We will inform you about the decision and the amount with which we can support your project with the grant letter, which you will receive by e-mail.


1. Project changes and notes on accounting:

If there are significant deviations from the original application or cost plan, these must be discussed with us. In general, the approval on our part is only valid for the application and cost plan presented to us. Certain documents and contracts (e.g. fee contracts) are necessary for the settlement. Therefore, please take a look at the notes on project accounting (see below) before you start the project.

Here you will find templates that you can use when you pay out expense allowances or fees and when you want to settle invoices:


Sample Fee Contract

Sample fee invoice

Sample contract for trainers (Übungsleiter:innen)

Sample volunteer’s contract

Notes on receipts


2. Dates and events:

Please let us know any important dates (e.g. kick-off events, timing of an event, etc.) for your project so that we are always up to date and can promote them via our homepage and social media channels.


3. Use of our logo:

In all publications related to the project we are funding, reference must be made to the funding provided by the Amadeu Antonio Foundation. This applies to both print and online publications. Please use our logo for this purpose:


Logo of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation (JPG, 148 KB)

Logo of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation (.ai vector graphic, 1 MB)


Please send us your print or online publications two weeks before printing to, so that we can review the publication and give approval. Please send us a specimen copy by post and as a pdf file with the invoice.

Project accounting

Upon completion of a project we have funded, we will require a descriptive factual report, three meaningful images, and a scanned signed receipt list as proof of the funding we have received. Please email these documents to us at We will need these documents by the deadline we gave you in the award letter. If not all of the approved funds have been spent, you must transfer the difference back to the following account:


Payee: Amadeu Antonio Foundation
IBAN: DE32 4306 0967 6005 0000 00
Reason for payment: Your file number (see grant letter in the upper left corner)


Important: When submitting the documents, please ALWAYS indicate the file number, which is written on the grant letter in the upper left corner!

Documents to be submitted:

1. factual report (informal):

We have a great interest in knowing how your project went. For this reason, we need a factual report (max. 3 pages) on how you were able to carry out your project in relation to the goals set in the application. In addition, we would like to know if the way you carried out your project was successful or if you see a need for improvement. We ask that you honestly describe the process so that it can be used to improve future projects.


Please write your report along the following guiding questions:

  • Activities: What was accomplished as part of the project?
  • Implementation: Was it possible to carry out the project as planned? Were there any difficulties in the implementation? What went particularly well?
  • Impact: Were the project goals achieved? What was the impact of your project? e.g. in terms of reaching the target groups, use of methods, feedback from the environment, changes on the ground.


2. Meaningful pictures:

We are committed to transparency for our donors. Therefore, we need three meaningful pictures that clearly represent your project. Please send them in high-resolution quality and in a common file format (jpg, png, etc.) to the following e-mail address: It is important that you include the file number (found on the top left of the grant letter) of the project we are funding in the subject line so that we can quickly and clearly identify your project.


3. Supporting documents:

With your project application you also sent us a cost sheet. These costs must be proven to us with the completion of the project. A template for listing all costs can be found here. By entering the invoice and payment date as well as the signature of an authorized signatory (at the end of the listing), you confirm to us that you have also paid the invoices issued to you.

Please email us the scanned receipt list signed by an authorized signatory of your organisation to and keep the original receipts. Individual receipts can be randomly checked by the Amadeu Antonio Foundation.

Mitmachen stärkt Demokratie

Engagieren Sie sich mit einer Spende oder Zustiftung!

Neben einer Menge Mut und langem Atem brauchen die Aktiven eine verlässliche Finanzierung ihrer Projekte. Mit Ihrer Spende unterstützen Sie die Arbeit der Stiftung für Demokratie und Gleichwertigkeit.