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Distinction from Right-Wing Extremism – Recommendations for Dealing with the AfD

A defensible democracy requires society as a whole to outlaw right-wing extremism. With the new guide “Defending Democracy – Recommendations for Dealing with the AfD”, the Amadeu Antonio Foundation supports the confrontation with right-wing extremism.

To make democracy storm-proof, it is not enough to rely on state institutions such as the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Those who speak of a defensible democracy and mean only state institutions are thinking too briefly. A democracy is protected by democrats, people with a clear stance who refuse to cooperate with right-wing radicals – in parliaments as well as in society as a whole. This includes the members of the Bundestag who refuse to elect problematic AfD vice presidents, as well as the DRK local association that does not offer courses for the AfD or a Potsdam pastor who does not tolerate an AfD man in the local council. Just because a party is democratically elected does not automatically make it democratic itself, and no one is forced to make common cause with it.

Examples show that demarcation can succeed

With the guide “Defend Democracy – Recommendations for Dealing with AfD”, the Amadeu Antonio Foundation wants to support a democratic civil society in dealing with right-wing extremism. Based on practical reports from youth clubs to trade unions, it explains how to successfully distance oneself from anti-human positions. It also shows that, in contrast to four years ago, society is now armed to deal with attacks on democracy. From sports to environmental associations, processes of self-understanding have taken place, mission statements have been adopted and resolutions of incompatibility against right-wing extremist infiltration attempts have been passed.In order to safeguard the defensibility of democracy, we need even more people to take a stand and clearly distance themselves from right-wing extremists.

Strengthening civil society

Comprehensive and rapid implementation of the Cabinet Committee’s package of measures against right-wing extremism and racism is essential for strengthening democracy, especially the “Act to Promote defensible Demokratie.”Democracy projects are subject to constant hostility and threaten to burn out due to the constant limitation of their funding, while the organized attack on democracy could be more strongly alimented in the future through party and foundation funding. The law for a defensible democracy announced by the federal government must stand by the initiatives and provide them with structural security.

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