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Exclusive research via Belltower.News: Attempt to Re-Form Atomwaffen Division in Europe

Exclusive: Disciples of the far-right terrorist network Atomwaffen Division are attempting again to gain a foothold in Europe. German members of the group, including a functionary of the far-right NPD party, have taken on leading roles and are recruiting minors for their fight, according to research by Belltower.News.

This article is also available in German.

“In 3-4 months, I’ll get an Uzi. You can post it, when I take picture”, a member of the newly formed group Atomwaffen Division Europe suggests on January 13, 2021. A compact, fully automatic submachine gun, also known as an Uzi, would be fatal in the hands of far-right terrorists. Excerpts from chat transcripts obtained by Belltower.News show the attempt to found a European offshoot of the internationally networked far-right terror group. Their inspiration: “Atomwaffen Division” (AWD), an extremely dangerous far-right terrorist organisation founded in the USA that has so far been linked to at least five murders.

Their logo, a radioactive radiation warning sign, appeared in a Telegram channel on January 12, 2021, alongside an official founding declaration of the so-called Atomwaffen Division Europe. In early 2020, four members of the original Atomwaffen Division were arrested by the FBI, but remaining members organised themselves into new groups, such as the National Socialist Order (NSO). However, in their well-connected online bubble, the deadly ideology, manuals and propaganda of the group remained accessible.

Although the new European group claims to have no contact with the old members of AWD in the USA or with an offshoot that was founded in Germany, they leave no doubt in wanting to follow in the same violent footsteps as their predecessors. Their goal: to establish the supremacy of the “white race” and pave the way for the “future of National Socialism in Europe” – and they are prepared to use violence to achieve these aims. The neo-Nazi James Mason is an icon in AWD circles: his book “Siege”, a collection of his newsletter, serves as these young men’s bible. They want to bring about the imminent collapse of society. The group is internationally well networked and parts are heavily armed.

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Address to the Council of Europe: “Far-right violence is a transnational phenomenon – and a global danger”

On Wednesday 25th January, Nicholas Potter, journalist and researcher at the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, addressed the Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France. The hearing on the challenge of far-right ideology to democracy and human rights in Europe will be the basis of a report to be written by the committee this year. Nicholas Potter was invited by the committee as an expert on far-right violence. Read the full speech.

USHMM-Holocaust-Memory-at-Risk-2021, small

Holocaust Memory at Risk. The distortion of Holocaust History across Europe

Among the most prevalent forms of Holocaust denial and distortion in Germany today are the trivialization of the Holocaust, “Holocaust fatigue,” and the issue of “double-genocide,” the equation of Nazi and Communist crimes. Other noticeable aspects of distortion consist of inaccurate comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany or Zionism with Nazism. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s report, to which the Amadeu Antonio Foundation contributed, looks at these and other forms across Europe.

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