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Antiziganistic violence

Antiziganistic violence

Enjoying Berlin's boundless nightlife, getting to know people or just being themselves at a party is often a painful experience for many Romani and Sinti people. Many often prefer to keep their identity to themselves. Antiziganism, or hostility towards Romani people, is widespread in all areas of society and often manifests itself in a violent and unrestrained manner. As a result, out of fear of such hostility many of these people prefer to keep their identity to themselves.

Romani people often experience massive discrimination and a sense of devaluation in public offices, schools, shops, or on the street or public transport. This also extends to physical violence; people are pushed or beaten by strangers, or even physically attacked by officials. The violence often affects children: in June 2018, a 7-year-old Berlin girl was shot at and injured by a neighbour brandishing a BB gun on his balcony.

The Berlin association, Amaro Foro e.V., observes and documents antiziganistic incidents:


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