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Racist violence

Racist violence

Berlin is cosmopolitan and international; a place where you can truly be a citizen of the world. Many people affected by racism report a very different experience and are confronted on a daily basis by insults, hostility and even physical attacks. Violent assaults also frequently occur on the fringes of right-wing marches in the centre of Berlin.

Following a sharp increase over the last five years, the number of racist attacks in Berlin remains at a high level despite a slight decrease having been observed. ReachOut, the Berlin advice centre for victims of right-wing, racist and anti-Semitic violence, recorded a total of 282 attacks in 2018, most of which were racially motivated. Women are mobbed and their headscarves are brutally torn from their heads, while people are constantly subjected to racist insults, threatened by neighbours and ultimately forced to move home. There have even been reports of violence perpetrated by adults against migrant children and young people.
ReachOut has been looking after the victims of racist violence in Berlin and its surroundings for over 15 years:

All manner of right-wing extremist and discriminatory incidents can be reported to the Berlin Register with a view to contributing to comprehensive documentation for the various Berlin districts:

A joint chronicle maintained by the Amadeu Antonio Foundation and PRO ASYL documents attacks on, and demonstrations against, refugees and their shelters throughout Germany and displays the regional distribution on a map:


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