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Violence against activists

Violence against activists

People who are take a stance against right-wing agitation often no longer feel safe at home in Berlin. Broken windows, burning cars, threatening letters – this is the sad reality for many people. Especially in Neukölln, but also in other districts, residential buildings, cafés and shops have been ravaged by right-wing terrorism in recent years.

Those affected by this have included, for example, left-wing politicians and a bookseller who conducts contemporary witness talks on the Holocaust and events on contemporary anti-Semitism in his shop. Cars that have been set alight have often also threatened the lives of these people, as there is a risk of such fires spreading to residential buildings; all of which leaves these people in a state of great fear and uncertainty. The Mobile Counselling Service against Right-Wing Extremism in Berlin (MBR) has documented 51 cases that can be attributed to this series of attacks.


The MBR supports and advises people who are committed to a democratic everyday culture .



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