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Violence against black people

Violence against black people

Whether wearing sweatpants or business attire, in the supermarket or on the street, many black people in Berlin experience hostile looks, insults and often even violence on a  daily basis. They are a projection screen for widespread racist attitudes and often feel this acutely during their everyday lives.
Black people often have similar discriminatory racist experiences regardless of social status or citizenship. The brutal colonial history of Europe and Africa, which has stigmatised the image of “people of African origin” as inferior, plays a central role here. These imaginary racist worlds are therefore an expression of historically developed power relationships that distort and silence black life realities.  

EACH ONE offers advice for black, African and afrodiasporic people in Berlin for all cases of discrimination:

Right-wing extremist and discriminatory incidents of various kinds can be reported to the Berlin Register with a view to contributing to comprehensive documentation for the various Berlin districts:

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