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Antisemitism in the Digital Age

Online Antisemitic Hate, Holocaust Denial, Conspiracy Ideologies and Terrorism in Europe
(Year of publication: 2021)

For ten years now, social media companies have stated that they want to regulate hate speech and implement appropriate moderation requirements. When it comes to anti-Semitism, this unfortunately does not improve the situation: Every conceivable form of anti-Semitism can be found on all social networks without much effort.

But to what extent on which platform? And how do the various providers counter this? Together with our partners and in cooperation with the organizations Hope not Hate (UK) and the Expo Foundation (Sweden), we have scrutinized the platforms for the European report “Anti-Semitism in the digital age: Antisemitic hatred, Holocaust denial, conspiracy ideologies and terrorism in Europe”:

The results are frightening, because with just a few clicks, antisemitism in its darkest facets becomes visible. Young people in particular are confronted with it and with conspiracy narratives through social media. For example, antisemitic hashtags can still be used on channels such as Instagram and TikTok. Antisemitism has increased rapidly across Europe in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting conspiracy narratives, especially online, and on almost every social media platform. The need for moderation, reporting systems, and for dealing with continuously changing antisemitic hate speech are also addressed by the report. Under “Learnings” there are suggestions for action and recommendations to the platform providers.

“Antisemitism in the Digital Age: Online Antisemitic Hate, Holocaust Denial, Conspiracy Ideologies and Terrorism in Europe” – a report, created in European cooperation with the organizations Hope not Hate (UK), the Expo Foundation (Sweden) and the Amadeu Antonio Foundation (Germany), available for download here.

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