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“Right-wing radicalism is a deadly threat.”

Timo Reinfrank

Timo Reinfrank is managing director of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation. The Germany portal “” spoke with him about the danger of right wing extremism to our society.

In times of corona, other threats might get a little out of sight. But the current silence might be treacherous, since: “Right-wing extremists have declared war on democracy”, says Timo Reinfrank. After Hanau, the death toll now comes to more than 200 victims since 1990 – in Germany alone.

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How much power does 1€ have?

Accusations against Till Lindemann are steadily increasing. Rammstein stated that they give the affected women the right to their perspective on the matter. Inherently that would be fair if it weren’t for Lindemann’s celebrity lawyers who have already sent cease-and-desist letters to the women who speak out. That’s why we are raising money to support the affected individuals and to balance the power dynamics.

Mitmachen stärkt Demokratie

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