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Cases where we provide support

Cases where we provide support

Targeted attacks on alternative political thinkers, graffiti on buildings, spontaneous attacks on the underground, threatening letters on house doors – hate violence can take on many forms, but always has one aim: to exclude and unsettle people. We help:

  • In all cases of hate violence, i.e. where people are affected by racism, anti-Semitism, anti-ziganism, anti-feminism, LGBTQIA* animosity, social Darwinism, ableism, national chauvinism, discrimination against the homeless, authoritarianism, hate against democratically active people
  • Affected individuals, but also facilities, associations and organisations from Berlin
  • With necessary medical treatments that are not covered by health insurance
  • With measures that help to get back to daily life after attacks (for example, psychological care)
  • With measures that are necessary to feel safer in a threatening situation
  • With legal costs or similar costs as a result of attacks
  • With financial existential emergency situations that have resulted from an attack
  • With the repair of damage to objects
  • With the implementation of safety measures.

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