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Antisemitism and anti-vax discourse in Europe. Conspiracy ideologies and anti-Jewish hatred on Facebook and Twitter

A loud anti-vax scene all over Europe tries to counter a potential deathly pandemic – not with medicine, but with conspiracy ideologies and antisemitism. The new report „Antisemitism and anti-vax discourse in Europe. A report on conspiracy ideologies and anti-Jewish hatred on Facebook and Twitter“ by Get the trolls out! shows the developement in seven European countries.

USHMM-Holocaust-Memory-at-Risk-2021, small

Holocaust Memory at Risk. The distortion of Holocaust History across Europe

Among the most prevalent forms of Holocaust denial and distortion in Germany today are the trivialization of the Holocaust, “Holocaust fatigue,” and the issue of “double-genocide,” the equation of Nazi and Communist crimes. Other noticeable aspects of distortion consist of inaccurate comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany or Zionism with Nazism. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s report, to which the Amadeu Antonio Foundation contributed, looks at these and other forms across Europe.

London, UK, 17th July 2019, Ben and Jerry's Sign in soho

Open Letter to Ben & Jerry’s: An ice cream boycott doesn’t solve any conflicts, but stirs hate and promotes antisemitism

It is with great surprise and dismay that we have learnt of the announcement by Ben & Jerry’s headquarters to stop selling your products in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. We cannot comprehend the decision to boycott Israel in this way. We are especially disappointed that the company is following the line of the antisemitic boycott movement BDS.

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